Ukrainian startup claims to make content loading four times faster to enhance mobile apps

A Kyiv (Kiev)-based startup has just launched a media content optimization solution for mobile applications called ‘Pixpie.’ By speeding up content loading, this technology delivers pictures “2-4 times faster than typical content delivery networks” (CDN), the startup claims.

In addition, Pixpie, which handles storage of app content, helps mobile app developers offload their servers and improve server performance. App developers may also expect “simplified media management” thanks to Pixpie’s CMS solution, while various effects can be applied to images (such as blur, rounded corners, and many others).

“Your content is stored in a secure and protected way. We take care about your data privacy,” the young company promises.

App users, on their side, will benefit from faster media content loading, increased battery life, improved app performance, and reduced web traffic consumption, says Pixpie.

The service is currently available only for pictures, but the company plans to extend it to audio and video files later this year, Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA notes.

Pixpie was created in October last year by Dmitry Osipa, Vladimir Usychenko and Valeriy Goryachkin. In April, the startup came first at the final selection stage of miniWARP Ukraine, an acceleration program held in Kyiv by Deutsche Telekom and the Polish accelerator hub:raum.

As a result, the technology will be presented to  Deutche Telekom representatives in Krakow later this month.

So far the company has been funded by its founders, Goryachkin told Ukraine Digital News.

“However, we’ve received an offer form an investor, following a recent press release, and started discussions with several funds,” he added.

Among Pixpie’s first clients are Luxoft, a major IT service company with activities in Ukraine. Integration tests went successfully, AIN has reported.

“We’ve received a lot of requests on the site form companies in Russia and neighboring countries as well as from Italy, the Czech Republic, etc. When we’ll launch the cloud service, we’ll set up a test-drive demo app for journalists, potential clients and users,” Goryachkin said.

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