In Lviv, computer art festival aims to stop brain drain from Ukraine (June 3-5)

A non-stop, three-day international computer art festival De:coded will be held in Lviv (Lvov), western Ukraine, on June 3-5, attracting everyone interested in technologies, from programmers to designers, to scientists.

“The main goal of the festival is to reduce the brain drain from Ukraine. We want to show both our citizens and international players that Ukrainians have a huge potential in engineering and creativeness,” said event organizer Anastasiya Tumanova.

“We believe the event will persuade international companies to launch more R&D centers in our country, since there is a lot of talented workforce here,” she added.

Featured in the agenda will be educational workshops and master classes dedicated to academic entrepreneurship and the ways to create technological products.

Attendees will also enjoy a series of seminars delivered by representatives Facebook, Twitter, Intel and other companies.

An exhibition will feature inventions, innovative design and computer graphics, 3D modeling and music composing, as well as  cybersport competitions and races involving autonomous vehicles and drones.

Designed for children, special workshops will be dedicated to robotics, game development and programming.

Offered in the program will be concerts, quests and night entertainment activities.

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