Why we are undervaluing Ukraine’s tech scene

Over the past five years or so, Ukrainian outsourcing companies have developed a solid understanding of the US business environment and the US startup sector, and it’s paying off, writes Evgeniy Vyborov, a figure of the Ukrainian tech scene, in the Hunffington Post.

The Ukrainian startup scene is stronger than ever despite its economic and political woes, Vyborov believes. Total venture investment in Ukrainian startups increased 237% year-over-year from 2014-2015, after having dropped in 2013-2014, he notes, refering to the latest Ukraine Dealbook report.

What is more, last year there were a number of notable deals involving Ukrainian startups, the most significant being the acquisition of Looksery by Snapchat for $150 million.

With over 400 universities and colleges, Ukraine graduates around 15,000 IT professionals per year according to the recent IT Ukraine industry report. All large Ukrainian cities are home to coworking hubs and private IT schools that offer mentorship and courses taught by industry professionals.

Why we are undervaluing Ukraine’s tech sceneRead More
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