Ukrainian companies invited to Berlin to discuss EU-Ukraine e-commerce

The Embassy of Ukraine in Germany is inviting Ukrainian companies to attend “#EU-Ukraine,” an event dedicated to e-commerce trade between Ukraine and the European Union, which the embassy will host on September 1.

The event seeks to show the potential of the Ukrainian e-commerce and online market powered by the Ukraine-EU association agreement, which was signed in 2014 and came into full force in January 2016.

“Since January 1st 2016, the Ukrainian market with 43 million consumers is open for German retailers and manufacturers. In return, the European market with 500 million consumers is open for Ukrainian enterprises. The deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFT) ensures unlimited cross-border trade by lowering tariffs and trade barriers.

Due to the association agreement, the bilateral flow of goods between Germany and Ukraine is expected to increase rapidly. Even more so after the planned visa-liberalization this summer, enabling Ukrainian businesses to travel visa-free to Europe. Especially for the Ecommerce sector and cross-border trade this represents an enormous economic potential,” #EU-Ukraine organizers believe.

The event agenda will feature several presentations on the bilateral trade, legal, logistics and e-commerce sectors.

Among the expected speakers are Andriy Melnyk, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, representatives of Händlerbund and other German leading e-commerce association as well as Julia Pavlenko of Ukrainian Ecommerce Expert, Andreas P. Hirsch of Hirsch Consulting and Wolfram Rehbock of German Bar Association in Ukraine.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, PrivatBank, Deutsche Post, Ukrainian Ecommerce Expert and the Ukrainian Direct Marketing Association. It is organized by Händlerbund and the Ukrainian Ambassador in Germany.

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