Nova Poshta improves e-commerce deliveries from US online stores to Ukraine

Last week Nova Poshta, Ukraine’s leading e-commerce shipping company, launched ‘NP Shopping,’ a mail forwarder service allowing Ukrainians to make purchases in more than a hundred US online stores.

Ukrainian online shoppers need to enter product reference data on the NP Shopping website. The item will be delivered within just five days.

“More than 40% of US online stores, including Amazon and eBay, do not accept Ukrainian payment cards. NP Shopping addresses this issue by buying the product on behalf of Ukrainian customers,” comments Maxim Rabinovich, Development Director at Nova Poshta.

NP Shopping’s fee amounts to 7%, which comes in addition to the cost of delivery to NP Shopping’s warehouse in the USA.

A similar service is offered by Ukrainian fashion site ModnaKasta. Dubbed ‘GlobalKasta,’ the service is supported by Nova Poshta.

“We will continue cooperating with GlobalKasta and will simultaneously grow our own service as it has specific advantages,” said Nova Poshta press secretary Tatiana Potapova.

Last year Nova Poshta expanded its international subsidiary, ‘Nova Poshta International,’ to provide services to over 200 countries.

Sources: Nova Poshta, AIN.UA (1,2).

Topics: E-commerce, International, News
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