US computer data storage company launches R&D activities in Ukraine

Earlier this month Violin Memory, a Silicon Valley-based company based that designs and manufactures computer data storage products, announced a strategic partnership with GlobalLogic, a leader in digital product development services.

The GlobalLogic engineering center in Kyiv (Kiev) has already begun working with Violin Memory on software QA. Operations will be expanded to other areas of product development starting from this month, according to Violin Memory’s press release.

“Ukraine has fast become a prime destination for software development talent, and repeatedly ranks as a leading product development location,” states the company.

The country was chosen as an R&D location over Romania and India, Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA wrote based on exchanges with Violin Memory’s COO Ebrahim Abbasi.

“We will start with hiring 50 Ukrainian developers, with their number growing in accordance with the growth of our products,” AIN.UA quoted Abbasi as saying.

More than two thousand engineers are working for GlobalLogic in Ukraine, according to a recent report on R&D and outsourcing in Ukraine by Ukraine Digital News. In addition to its Ukrainian office in Kyiv, GlobalLogic has offices in Kharkiv, Lviv and Mykolayiv.

“The relationship with GlobalLogic will enable us to use a hybrid model of both internal and external resources to achieve scale while shortening our time to market,” said Abbasi.

Ukraine is home to over 100 R&D subsidiaries of global companies from a variety of industries, including telecoms, software, gaming and e-commerce, according to UADN’s report.

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