Ukrainian startup Futo overreaches crowdfunding target to design “the world’s most ultimate air mattress”

Futo, a Kyiv (Kiev)-based startup offering a comfortable twin XL-size mattress, has reached its crowdfunding goal of $15,000 within the first 22 hours after the launch at Kickstarter.

As of October 11, the startup had attracted $39,435 from 564 backers.

The mattress claims to take only 20 seconds to inflate. All you need to do is to open the mattress and catch the air around you “with a few simple movements.”

“You may call it innovation but we call it a revolution!,” the startup boasts on the crowdfunding site.

The product is also environmentally-friendly, according to the startup.

futo mattress

Source: AIN.UA, Futo, Kickstarter.

Topics: Crowdfunding, Finance, News, Startups
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