An egg-shaped gadget to help you cook

RND64, a US-based product company with Ukrainian roots, has introduced a new AI-powered gadget for a smart kitchen. Dubbed ‘Hello Egg,’ it is presented as a voice-operated kitchen speaker with a display and personality.

Your kitchen “eggspert” will “cue you in, cheer you up, and egg you on whatever you do in the kitchen. What’s more, you can literally talk to the “egg” and get emotional feedback, reports Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA.

The gadget features timers, step-by-step recipes and music streaming. It also supports news broadcasting and weather forecast.

“According to our research, people spend 400 hours per year at the kitchen, which equals to three years of the whole life. It has helped us understand that a modern kitchen assistant needs to go beyond voice prompting and music streaming. Among other things, it has to feature video and real-time human help,” AIN.UA quoted RND64’s CEO Dmitry Shemet as saying.

The company plans to start shipping in February 2017. According to Shemet, the gadget will be cheaper than its closest competitor Amazon Echo.

Based in Delaware, RND64 has its R&D center in Kyiv (Kiev).

Source: Hello Egg, AIN.UA.

Topics: Hardware & Electronics, International, News, Startups
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