Estonian startup launches “the Uber for parking” in Ukraine

Estonia’s Barking, an innovative app for finding free parking slots at the best price, launched in Kyiv (Kiev) earlier this month, as reported by Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA.

Nicknamed “the Uber for parking,” this one-tap parking app offers access to “thousands of exclusive parking spots in both gated and open access areas.” Barking also allows its users to book parking spots in advance.

So far, the service has started a pilot project with Gulliver, a shopping mall located in city center.

The parking fee is five hryvnias (around $0.2 at the current exchange rate) per 30 minutes, according to Barking’s website. The fee is paid automatically after a driver leaves a parking spot.

For now, the company’s primary goal in Ukraine is to find available parking spots.

“In Tallinn, Barking enjoys 10-12 thousand bookings per day. It would be good if we could have 2-3 thousand bookings per day in Kyiv,” Ukrainian car blog Autogeek quoted Parking Ukraine‘s co-founder Tõnis Bittman as saying.

Parking Ukraine is the official representative of Barking in Ukraine.

Barking launched in Estonia in 2015. The service then expanded to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and Russia, according to its website.

The app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Sources: Barking, AIN.UA, Autogeek.

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