Ukrainian companies ranked among world’s top Internet-of-Things developers

Earlier this month Clutch, a US-based company which aims to “identify leading software and professional services firms” across the world, released its ranking of world’s top 35 Internet-of-Things (IoT) developers in 2016.

Featured in the listing are three international companies with their R&D centers located in Ukraine, and two Ukrainian companies operating internationally.

These companies are:

  • Devabit (HQ in Lviv (Lvov), Western Ukraine);
  • Eastern Peak Software (HQ in the US, R&D office located in Kharkiv (Kharkov), Eastern Ukraine);
  • Eleks (more than 900 engineers, HQ in Lviv (Lvov), Western Ukraine);
  • Lemberg Solutions (60 engineers, HQ in UK, R&D office in Lviv (Lvov), Western Ukraine);
  • Stanfy (almost 20 engineers, HQ in the USA, R&D office in Kyiv (Kiev).

Also featured in the listing are American, Belarusian, British, Canadian,  Chinese, Indian and Polish companies.

The ranking showcases what Clutch believes to be the best companies in each of four judging categories: references; clients and experience; market presence; IoT development.

Earlier this year industry association IAOP had featured 10 IT companies operating in Ukraine among the world’s top IT service providers in its Global Outsourcing 100.

Source: Clutch, AIN.UA.

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