Internships at Google, Microsoft, Twitter or Facebook made more accessible to Ukrainian students

A group of Silicon Valley-based engineers from Ukraine have launched UA Internships, a non-profit initiative to help Ukrainian students get an internship at US technology giants. The news was reported earlier this week by Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA.

Internships may take place in either the European or the American offices of these companies.

“We aim to help Ukrainian students gain experience at the best companies, since we know they have much fewer chances than a US student to become an intern there,” states the website of the project.

As part of the initiative, applicants will receive assistance to prepare their CVs and projects. Then, the best candidates will be recommended for an interview. This may significantly increase their chances to get an internship.

Behind the initiative are Bogdan Kulynych, Arsen Kostenko and Danylo Fitel, who are alumni from National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

This is not the first attempt to bridge Ukraine with Silicon Valley. Last year, more than 50 of Ukraine’s most renowned tech entrepreneurs and investors launched UA50, a non-profit initiative to help Ukrainian startups enter the US and global markets.

Source: UA Internships, AIN.UA.

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