Ukrainian startups awarded at international contests

Last week UniExo won the Robohub Reader’s Pick in the Robot Launch 2016 global startup competition, attracting almost 91% of the votes. Its closest competitor Halodi, a Norwegian startup aiming to “provide a vast number of robots to the mass market,” attracted just 3% of the votes.

Founded by Anton Holovachenko, a 22-year old Ukrainian inventor from Kyiv (Kiev), UniExo has designed a universal medical robotic exoskeleton.

On his Facebook page, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman personally encouraged Ukrainians to support the initiative.

UniExo’s exoskeleton is not the only one of its kind. However, according to Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA, the technology is several times less expensive than its close competitor ReWalk, an Israeli-designed wearable robotic exoskeleton.

The overall winners of the startup competition will be announced later this week basing on the judges’ choice.

An initiative from Silicon Valley Robotics, the contest aims “to help more robotics startups present their technology and business models to prominent investors in the robotics and AI space.”

Meanwhile, PromoRepublic, a Finnish startup with Ukrainian roots which has developed a social media marketing platform, was  among the winners of the Finnish edition of StartUp Europe Awards.

The news was announced by the startup’s Chief Strategic Development Officer Maksym Pecherskyy on his Facebook page.

Dubbed ‘The Eurovision for Startups,’ the contest was held in Helsinki. The winners of the national finals will participate in the European final in Brussels early next year.

Earlier this year PromoRepublic secured €400,000 from Ukrainian and Finnish investors and launched on the US market.

Sources: UniExo, RoboHub, AIN.UA

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