Ukrainian gadgets seduce Kickstarter crowds

This morning Sence, “the first wearable technology capable of accurately tracking and logging emotional states so you can take action”, had attracted $126,261 from 716 Kickstarter backers – far above its crowdfunding goal of $100,000.

Developed by Planexta, a startup with Ukrainian roots, Sence reflects “the evolution of mindfulness and productivity,” tracking emotions with ECG signals.

The bracelet is “the first to offer a technology that can measure ECG from one’s wrist with an unprecedented level of accuracy – 250 times more precisely than existing fitness trackers and smart watches.”

The funding will be spent on manufacturing, which may involve Chinese manufacturers, according to Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA.

Earlier this month, Planexta’s Sence won the CES 2017 Honoree awards in both the Wearable Technology and Fitness and Sports and Biotech categories.

On its side Phonster X, a phone holster with Ukrainian know-how, has overreached its $5,000 crowdfunding goal by more than 11 times on Kickstarter. The innovation has attracted more than $57,000 this morning.

Last year AGE, the Odessa-based startup behind the device, attracted almost $85,000 to develop the first edition of Phonster X. This was 17 times more than requested, AIN.UA reported.

Earlier this year Futo, a Kyiv (Kiev)-based startup offering a comfortable twin XL-size mattress, reached its crowdfunding goal of $15,000 within the first 22 hours after launch on Kickstarter.

Sources: AIN.UA (1, 2), PRWeb, Kickstarter (1, 2).

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