New report sheds light on QA outsourcing service industry in Central and Eastern Europe

The Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association (CEEOA) has released “Central and Eastern European QA Outsourcing Review 2016-17” covering the latest trends in software quality assurance and testing, as well as application quality and testing practices across the region.

Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine are covered by the research.

According to the online survey conducted as part of the study, nearly 149 companies offer QA outsourcing and software development services in the 16 countries of the region. More than 6% of market players have been surveyed.

Featured in the research is a catalogue of QA outsourcing providers operating in the CEE region.

Key findings

  • Testing automation, especially early testing, is the most modern QA trend in the region.
  • Cloud-based testing (virtualization and cloud computing), as well as rapid growth in the mobile testing field, are the highest priority for the CEE companies;
  • Information technologies, communications, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals remain the most important markets for testing service providers;

In Ukraine

In Ukraine, 88% of the respondents include the black-box testing approach in their QA service range, while 83% use specification-based testing.

According to the analysis, more than 80% of Ukrainian respondents offer such services as automated testing, cross-browser testing, performance testing, regression testing, compatibility testing and functional testing.

Static, white-box and dynamic testing are used less frequently (nearly 63% of the surveyed QA providers use them in daily practice).

The most rarely used types of testing are A/B testing (13%), beta and development testing (13%), and destructive testing (8%).

Communications, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, IT, Internet and high tech are top market verticals in Ukraine.

Ukrainian companies offer services in English, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch and Arabic, while clients come mainly from the USA and the UK.

A junior Ukrainian QA engineer earns $13.5 per hour on average, while an average QA project manager earns as much as $30 per hour.

The review has been prepared by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, a major association of IT outsourcing companies, with the support from industry associations from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, as well as from Hi-Tech Park Belarus.

The study has been backed by QATestLab, a Kyiv (Kiev)-based testing company. The company has offices in the USA and Cyprus, according to a report released last year by Ukraine Digital News in partnership with AVentures Capital.

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