Startup investment in Central and Eastern Europe: A ground-breaking research

Already recognized for their engineering excellence, several countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are now emerging on the global startup scene.

Thus for the past couple of years Belarus, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and some other countries of the region have seen their local companies assert themselves on the international market, raise considerable funding and/or be acquired by global companies.

Yet the CEE startup scene remains little known from an international standpoint, due to its variety of languages and local market conditions, not to mention the political tensions in some areas. Another obstacle for global investors to come is the lack of transparency and of reliable market data for certain countries.

For the first time, an international study is being conducted among 26 countries of the region to shed light on the fast-growing CEE startup scene. 

Conducted by tech news and research agency East-West Digital News, this research has already involved more than 100 organizations and experts. It is supported by leading media and databases (CrunchBase, Global Corporate Venturing,, VB Profiles…) and other partners.

Topics: Data & reports, Finance, International, Press releases, Startups
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