Ukrainian white hackers to support new Ukrainian-Turkish cybersecurity center

Earlier this month Ukrainian Defence Industry (“Ukroboronprom” in Ukrainian, an association of enterprises in the field of defence) has announced that it will launch a single center for cybersecurity with support from representatives of Turkish company Havelsan and Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

“We created the most advanced cyber security center in Turkey ten years ago. We are ready to advise on creating an even better project in Ukraine in the framework of the Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation,“ said Havelsan’s director for cybersecurity.

The initiative will involve “white hackers” from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute who were ranked the first at the international information security competition Capture The Flag (CFT) last year.

The launch date of the project has not been disclosed.

Created in 2010, Ukroboronprom aims to manage enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

Source: Ukroboronprom

Topics: Cybersecurity, International, Kyiv, News, Regions
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