Smart garbage bins and pedestrian crossings to empower Kyiv

Earlier this month the Ukrainian capital Kyiv (Kiev) saw its central part equipped with 50 high-tech underground garbage containers for solid urban waste, reported Kiev City State Administration (KCSA).

Another 250 containers will appear in the city by the end of the year, with the total number reaching one thousand next year.

Manufactured locally, these garbage containers are designed to make city streets clean and reduce the smell. They are armed with solar panels, fire control system and sensors which control the rubbish volume and send a signal to a dispatcher, when necessary.

In parks, the containers will have a wood cover for esthetic reasons.

“Old trash bins often get dirty, they are a source of an unpleasant smell and occupy a lot of space in Kyiv yards. The new underground containers are five times more spacious than traditional ones,” commented City mayor Vitali Klitschko.

“Kyiv does not only have to look modern, but to use modern technology as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, the city authorities plan to equip 29 city pedestrian crossings with a smart lighting system. The lighting will switch on by a movement detector and charges via solar batteries.

The city authorities hope that this technology will help them reduce the number of road accidents as well as energy consumption.

The project was designed by Volodymyr Basovskyi and was supported by 862 supporters city inhabitants in a competition.

Kyiv authorities have already allocated funding to implement the idea in the nearest future. However, the launch date has not been specified.

Source: Kiev City administration (1, 2)

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