Ukrainian-American Kitcast raises $500,000 to create “the data-driven future
 of digital signage”

Kitcast, a US-based startup with Ukrainian roots, has just secured $500,000 from Ukrainian investment fund SMRK, as confirmed to Ukraine Digital News by the company’s CEO Egor Belenkov.

Kitcast’s digital signage application for AppleTV uses machine learning algorithms to help its users “create and deliver smart content to any screen” with no need to use bulky and expensive hardware. The app makes sure that the right content is shown to the right people, which “increases your sales, brand awareness, and customer engagement,” the startup claims on its website.

Belenkov said that his company competes with basically any digital signage software, but believes that the Kitcast solution is the most convenient.

“Unlike our rivals, whose only concern is to ensure the content is shown on the screen, we also make sure it fulfills its task. Our clients want to know the ROI of their screens. In five years, it won’t be efficient to just show pictures on the display — you will need at least several people to manage your screens,” stated Belenkov.

“Our goal is to automate all the processes — from content creation to its reflection on the screen,” he added.

Headquartered in California, the startup employs 15 people. Its R&D team is in Kyiv (Kiev), while the sales and business development team, as well as the CTO reside in the USA.

Kitcast claims to serve clients in 60 countries, 90% of them coming from the USA. Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, accounts for less than 1% of its customer base.


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