Russian hackers used made-in-Ukraine malware for DNC cyberattack last year

A Ukrainian hacker known as ‘Profexer’ turned himself in early this year and has now become a witness for the FBI, The New York Times wrote today based on reports from the Ukrainian police.

Profexer’s malware was allegedly involved in the DNC hacking during the US presidential campaign — which Washington believes was orchestrated by the Russian intelligence service — even though there is no evidence that Profexer worked knowingly for Russia.

“That a [Russian] hacking operation would obtain malware from a source in Ukraine sheds considerable light on the Russian security services’ modus operandi,” the US newspaper notes.

Rather than involving “a compact team of government employees who write all their own code and carry out attacks during office hours in Moscow or St. Petersburg, [Russia’s hacking effort would] draw on talent and hacking tools wherever they can be found in a far looser enterprise.”

Russian hackers used made-in-Ukraine malware for DNC cyberattack last yearRead More
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