Petya strikes again Ukraine

Today a virus similar to Petya, which hit computers around the world in late June, infected computers of the Kyiv subway, a source told Front News International. The Odessa airport in Southern Ukraine and the news agencies Interfax and Fontanka in Russia also went offline in hacker attack.

Earlier this month, October 13, the CERT-UA of the State Communications Service of Ukraine warned of possible cyberattacks of viruses similar to Petya.

On June 27, some of the biggest state-owned and private companies in Ukraine stopped functioning due to what appeared to be the biggest-ever ransomware attack in the country’s history.

The virus blocked the computer networks of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, telecom companies, banks, postal services, big retailers, and government bodies. The ransomware had been active since spring 2016, hitting computers across the globe, but Ukraine was apparently hit the hardest, The Kiyv Post reported in June.

Topics: Cybersecurity, Kyiv, News, Regions
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