Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs go global in the New York Area

Three Ukrainian startups have recently established a foothold in the New York area for sales, marketing and further expansion on the global market. Agrieye is an Odessa-based player in the smart agriculture market founded in 2016. It provides the tools for small-to-medium sized farms to utilize precision agriculture.

It is a participant in the Starta Accelerator program in New York City. This program helps new East European technology companies develop a presence in the US market with office space, business advice, and financial and other assistance.

Another participant in the program is Cardiomo Care Inc. with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine, founded in 2016. The company has developed a wearable health-monitoring device to measure respiration, heartbeat, and temperature and generate alerts to care givers. Cardiomo plans to sell the biosensor device to U.S. consumers.

Hideez is a Kyiv-based company specializing in cybersecurity and authentication devices and services founded in 2015. In January 2017, Hideez incorporated in Delaware to more easily sell and market its services and products in the US and the EU.

Julia Shykalova, Global Director of Business Development, and one sales representative are now based in the Northeast US. Their activities focus on selling Hideez cybersecurity and authentication products and services in the business-to-business market with an initial prospect target of hospitals and small-to-medium sized companies.

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