Ukrainian government approves digital economy strategy for Ukraine

On January 17, the Ukrainian government presented a roadmap for developing digital economy and society in Ukraine in the upcoming years (2018-2020).

According to the six-page presentation (in Ukrainian), the new strategy envisions a transition from a resource-based economy to high-tech production with efficient processes and higher GDP growth through the introduction of ICT.

The short presentation focuses on two aspects:

  • the development of digital infrastructure (broadband Internet);
  • the digitization of education and stimulation of digital transformations in education, medicine, ecology, cashless economy, infrastructure, transportation, public security, etc.

However, the presentation does not much details on how these changes should be implemented.

Today nearly 35% of the rural population, as well as 53% of schools and 99% of medical institutions in Ukraine lack access to the broadband Internet, stated Stepan Kubiv, the current First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and simultaneously Minister of Economic Development and Trade.

The situation could be improved, however, through a number of public-private partnership projects. These will allow to reach a 80% broadband Internet coverage of the broadband within a few years as part of the new strategy, believes the minister.

Source: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine


Topics: IT infrastructure, News, Policy making
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