E-cars gain traction in Ukraine

In 2017, the number of electric cars registered in Ukraine reached 3265, up from 1,706 cars in 2016, reports the Employer’s Federation of Automotive Industry (EFAI), citing government data.

Nissan (2,666), BMW (117), Tesla (111), Ford (76) and Fiat (42) are the five most popular car models in the country.

The listing includes cars with primary and secondary registration, as well as those imported to Ukraine and registered by customs services.

This data slightly differs from that provided by local online publication Electrocars.ua this past October, according to which the number of electric cars reached 2,593 in 2016.

The first electric car taxi in Ukraine, Oxy-Taxi, launched in the summer of 2016.

Source: Employer’s Federation of Automotive Industry

Topics: Data & reports, Transportation & Mobility
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