Government announces plans for Hyperloop project in Ukraine

Yesterday the Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine announced plans for a Hyperloop project: “Just three words: Hyperloop in Ukraine.”

As reported by AIN.UA, the preliminary stages of the project will be managed by a newly creates ‘Center for transport innovations’ called ‘Hype UA’, with participation from Оctagonal Corporation (which is involved in Hyperloop projects in Mexico), Ukraine’s Academy of Sciences and other Ukrainian organizations.

After the completion of a feasibility study, a testing platform would be created in Dnepro.

Experts from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future have already estimated the cost for the Kyiv-Odesa route (488 km) at some $3.6 billion. They claim it will be cheaper than other high-speed technologies, reports

In a separate move earlier this month, the Kyiv metro authorities suggested Elon Musk “to put a Tesla at the station ‘Arsenalna,’ which is the deepest metro station in the world (105.5 meters),” in order to establish a world record.

Topics: International, Kyiv, News, Odessa, Policy making, Regions, Transportation & Mobility
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