Ukrainian-American trademark registering app expands to 28 EU countries

PatentBot, a Ukrainian-founded startup offering “the first legal chatbot” to check and register a trademark via Facebook messenger, has expanded its service to 28 countries of the European Union.

Founded just a year ago by Nataly Vladimirova and Valentin Pivovarov, who was previously involved in two other legaltech startups, this young US-headquartered startup claims over 21,000 checked trademarks, more than 7,000 unique bot users and over 500 filed applications.

Ukraine remains its main market by the volume of generated revenues and number of orders, Pivovarov said in a recent interview with The Robot.

It takes roughly six months and €249 to register your trademark in a European country, while in the US it will take up to a year and cost $99. Trademark checking via PatentBot is free. The bot can also provide you with professional legal advice for $49.

Earlier this year, the startup was among the winners of the Annual Golden Kitty award by Product Hunt. In December 2017, PatentBot received a grant as one of the best legal innovations by the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law.

Currently operating in the US, the EU and Ukraine, the company is planning to expand to China. It seeks become a member of the Madrid System: such membership allows applying for protection in up to 110 countries.

Sources: Valentin PivovarovPatentBot, The Robot.




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