Startup matchmakes Ukrainian programmers with international digital giants

A Ukrainian startup is now helping heavyweight companies find and hire Ukrainian programmers to work for them. Called YouTeam, the startup “bridges” tech people from Eastern Europe with the rest of the world, giving access to a pool of programmers who are ready to jump on a tech project.

The list of the firms that have used YouTeam’s services includes Marvel, Amazon, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia and hundreds of other big names from around the globe.

As it understood the local market, YouTeam started with Ukraine. The startup handpicked software development agencies that had programmers available for work, and then advertised them on its website. That went well, and now the company partners with about 100 agencies. They are not only from Ukraine now, but from Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, and Macedonia as well.

“There are a lot of good companies in London, in Silicon Valley, and we want to enable them to find good tech specialists. Good local specialists in turn will get access to big projects,” said YouTeam CEO Anton Mishchenko, speaking on a podcast called Made in Ukraine Tech Startup Edition.

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