How technology is changing Ukrainian agriculture for better

Vast stretches of flat land. Rich, black soil. A temperate climate. Ukraine is a country ideal for agriculture, where many of the world’s staple crops flourish. But, starved of investment since Soviet times, Ukraine’s farmers still see far lower yields per hectare than their European neighbors.

While the sector now accounts for over 30 percent of Ukraine’s exports and 12 percent of its gross domestic product of $100 billion annually, much of Ukraine’s agricultural potential has gone untapped.

One way to change this is agritech — bringing advanced information technology to the field.

With keen sensors, cheap drones and advances in data management, agritech can vastly increase Ukraine’s potential, say proponents.

A crop of Ukrainian startups is demonstrating how.

How technology is changing Ukrainian agriculture for betterRead More
Topics: Agriculture technologies, Analysis & opinion, Startups
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