Blockchain in healthcare: Innovators from Eastern Europe called to submit manuscripts and join peer-review board

Ukrainian and other CEE experts who are engaged in real-world application of blockchain and converging technologies in healthcare and life sciences are invited to submit original manuscripts and apply for the international Peer Review Board of the recently launched Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) journal.

A first-in-category, BHTY is the only international peer-review open-access continuous no-deadline journal dedicated to publishing theoretical and experiential knowledge required for strategic thought leaders, new-era practitioners, and future society stakeholders engaged in blockchain technology and converging innovations in healthcare around the world.

Over 20,000 article downloads from 65 countries around the globe make BHTY a significant source of pragmatic innovation called for by the World Bank’s “Competing in the Digital Age: Policy Implications for the Russian Federation,” and Mr. Sergey Gorkov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation announcement at Skolkovo’s Open Innovation 2018  that blockchain is a strategic technology imperative for the country’s digital transformation.

Blockchain is the most recent innovation driver of digital transformation in healthcare around the world. A nascent technology for the healthcare sector, various market research sources place its CAGR at 60%+ over the next 5-7 years.

What BHTY is all about

BHTY is worth watching for anyone who may have an interest in healthcare, blockchain, and converging technology innovation. The inaugural issue includes an article coauthored by members of the Blockchain Task Force of HIMSS, the world’s largest healthcare information technology association of over 70,000 members.

This article, Pragmatic, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: Paving the Future for Healthcare,” continues to be the single most downloaded article from BHTY, exceeding 3,800 downloads. The team led by George Church, the scientist who developed the first direct genomic sequencing and played a key role in the Human Genome Project, chose BHTY for its article Accelerating Genomic Data Generation and Facilitating Genomic Data Access Using Decentralization, Privacy-Preserving Technologies and Equitable Compensation,” which was published a few weeks ago.

To date, manuscripts from over 50 authors from Canada, Denmark, UK, and the US have been published. A reflection of the real-world ecosystem at play, the unusually diverse cross-functional authors are affiliated with or employed by universities and professional associations, multinational corporations and startups, healthcare insurance companies and  health information exchanges, consulting firms and small and medium size businesses.

A first-in-category, this international peer-review open-access journal dedicated to blockchain and converging technologies in healthcare publishes theoretical and experiential knowledge required for strategic thought leaders, new-era practitioners, and future society stakeholders engaged in blockchain technology and converging innovations in healthcare around the world.

Unlike any other journal in this market today, BHTY continuously pushes the boundaries of technology innovation in scholarly publication and ecosystem practices needed to bring together the world’s thought leading academics, pragmatic innovators, and practitioners from the private and public sectors.

But the publisher of this up-and-comer Blockchain in Healthcare Today did not stop there. Broadening the scope of scholarly publications beyond traditional boundaries, BHTY encourages authors to include references to discoverable, reproducible, and annotatable software code required to accelerate technology adoption with credibility and trust via its partner’s companion Code Ocean computational reproducibility platform and, creator of the blockchain-enabled platform for academic and scientific research and development

BHTY’s publisher Partners in Digital Health (PDH) continues to drive an ecosystem intended to grow the sector’s knowledge base required to accelerate pragmatic innovation in health and wellness for the Future Society, worldwide. Additional partners include, creator of a purpose-built open-source decentralized blockchain-based, AI-enabled framework for managing scholarly publications’ life cycles; and Publons, creator of an author-centric one-stop-shop publication aggregation, verification, and management platform.

Call for prospective authors from the public and private sectors

Seeking to accelerate adoption of blockchain and converging technology innovation in healthcare for the future society worldwide, BHTY welcomes submissions of substantiated manuscripts or perspectives which includes, but is not limited to academicians, non-academic practitioners, innovators, subject matter experts, students, etc. from around the world.

Therefore, BHTY embraces articles that may not be traditionally valued, such as preliminary discovery, and key learnings from unsuccessful experiences.

BHTY invites prospective authors to submit original manuscripts, use cases, unpublished research, and substantiated opinions on the broad spectrum of topics ranging from theory to science, technologies and methodologies, pilots and scalable deployments, operations and economics, user experience and Return-on-Adoption, legal and regulatory, transformation and disruption, ecosystem and society, and more.

Peer-review board participation opportunity

Operating on a no-deadline, continuous basis, BHTY’s internationally renowned Peer Review Board led by Harvard Prof. John Halamka, MD Editor-in-Chief, includes scholars and public sector thought leaders from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, UK and the US.

The Board rigorously vets and objectively evaluates original manuscripts, use cases, unpublished research, substantiated opinions and related data and software in the pursuit of trust through transparency and truth.

BHTY’s Peer Review board seeks experts of the highest caliber and passion for the field and prefers candidates that possess knowledge of academic journal workflow and familiarity with the peer review process. BHTY does not accept candidates who are employed by a for-profit commercial entity.

To apply for joining BHTY’s Peer Review board, send a note with your CV to the editor at [email protected]

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