Ukrainian startup lets you 3D print chocolate desserts

Striving to be the “icing on the cake,” Ukrainian startup Flasty presented last month to the CES 2019 conference in Las Vegas its chocolate 3D printer CHOCOLA3D (see video).

At around $1,800, according to media reports, Flasty’s food printers may still be only for the most die-hard chocolate addicts – or restaurants with a taste for innovation. Furthermore, CHOCOLA3D is already used by Russian company Chocolama to offer customized logos and designs made from chocolate.

And according to the startup, the machines can print everything from sweet snacks to savory dishes such as hummus or pasta. With Kiev being buried by about 80 days of snow each year, Ukrainians can be expected to have ample time to play around with home-cooked – or home-printed – winter dishes.

Flasty touts its device CHOCOLA3D as an “invention for chocolatiers, marketing companies, bakeries and cookiers interested in manufacturing non-standard chocolate products in any shape or chocolate-made accessories” or even “a portrait or company logotype.”

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