With 13 million users, Facebook is now Ukraine’s leading social network

PlusOne, a Kyiv (Kiev)-based communication agency, has just published a study on Facebook use in Ukraine. According to this study, the US social network attracts some 13 million users in the country monthly, which accounts for more than a half of total Internet audience (21.4 million).

Notably, Facebook’s popularity in the country seems to have surpassed that of Russian social networks Vkontakte (VK) and Odnoklassniki (OK). This phenomenon accelerated after the ban of most Russian sites in the country in 2017.

(In mid 2014, a few months after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started, Russian social networks still dominated the market, with some 27 million Ukrainian accounts created on VK and 11 million on OK, as opposed to only 3.2 million on Facebook and 430,000 on Twitter.)

Facebook’s monthly audience in Ukraine

Source: PlusOne

FaceBook penetration in various European countries

Source: PlusOne

Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA has summarized the key findings of the study as follows:

  • The popularity of FB is growing fast, with 3 million new user registrations in 2018 including 1 million in the last quarter of the year (placing Ukraine at the third place in the world, after India and the Philippines, for this criterion).
  • Facebook is most actively used from mobile devices: while 9 million Ukrainians log in only from a smartphone, 1.2 million use the network exclusively from their desktop and 3 million use both access types.
  • Females account for 59% of Ukrainian FB users – far above the world average. Facebook is especially popular among people of 25 to 35 years of age (4.6 million users vs. vs. 3 million for the 36-45 y.o. group and 2.1 million for the 18-24 y.o. group.

Click here to download your English-language copy of the report

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