Ukrainian startup aims to 3D print human biological bodies

Kwambio, an Odesa-based startup that manufactures 3D printers and ceramic parts, is launching ADAM, an ambitious project to “provide mankind with the power of creating our own biological bodies.”

“We are starting with bioprinting bones structures using additive manufacturing technology and will proceed with bioprinting tissues, vessels and complex organs,” wrote Kambio’s general manager in a Facebook post yesterday.

As reported by Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA, the project implies to develop several components:

  • a 3D printing technology to print biological osseous structures; 
  • a platform that will allow users to create their own virtual body anatomy atlas, made of 3D scans, CT and MRI images;
  • new biomaterials (such as bioglass and modified biopolymer, which have already been tested successfully in Sweden) to print different types of bones and, eventually, soft tissues, vessels, and complex organs.
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Topics: Hardware & Electronics, Startups
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