Uber launches bus service to rival Kyiv’s iconic, maligned ‘marshrutkas’

They’re an iconic feature of Ukrainian public transport: “marshrutkas,” the sometimes rickety, oft maligned, and almost always overcrowded private buses zipping down city streets. They also form an important part of Kyiv’s overburdened public transport sector.

Now they have a fierce rival: on May 14, global ride-sharing giant Uber launched its bus service, Uber Shuttle, in Kyiv. The Uber Shuttle option has been plugged into the existing Uber mobile application and is available from its pop-up menu from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The list of routes and stops is also available in the app.

Uber launches bus service to rival Kyiv’s iconic, maligned ‘marshrutkas’Read More
Topics: International, Kyiv, News, Regions, Transportation & Mobility
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