Intertelecom, AliExpress launch marketplace in Ukraine

Ukrainian mobile operator Intertelecom, one of the two CDMA operators in Ukraine, and AliExpress, a subsidiary of Chinese giant Alibaba, have launched a joint marketplace in Ukraine, the company said in a press release.

Intertelecom and Alibaba signed their partnership agreement back in spring 2019.

Dubbed ‘IT Market,’ the marketplace features products and services offered by Intertelecom such as smartphones, modems, and startup packages. It also displays a wide assortment of goods from China, including electronics, clothes, shoes, toys, and beauty products. IT Market operates using an API offered by AliExpress for its partners.

The registered users of IT Market will benefit from cash-back incentives. An Intertelecom mobile number is required to get these rewards. The mobile number is offered free of charge upon registration on IT Market; customers will only have to pay for Intertelecom’s services if they choose to use them. The accumulated cashback and bonuses can then be used to pay for Intertelecom’s communication services or be transferred to a subscriber’s bank card.

The company specified that no cash-back will be offered to those shopping directly on AliExpress. If they choose to shop on IT Market instead, they will be offered cashback of 2.4% on mobile phones and smartphones and up to 24% cashback on products from other categories.

Intertelecom also said the partnership will help reduce the delivery times for certain product categories by three to four times.

Sources: Intertelecom,

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