Government suggests new approach to IT education and industry taxation

Last week Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk revealed a new approach to support and tax the country’s IT industry.

During a meeting with representatives of the export-oriented IT industry in Kyiv on Sept. 4, Honcharuk proposed creating a fund for developing the industry’s human capital. Managed by the IT industry itself, the fund would support scholarships and grants for IT students and scholars.

“One of the problems that are holding back the IT sector’s development is a shortage of talent,” RBK-Ukraine quoted Honcharuk as saying. “The sector is growing by 25-30,000 specialists a year, but the universities only graduate 16,000 students.”

During the same meeting, Serhiy Verlanov, head of the State Tax Service, announced a proposal to introduce a new tax on IT employees registered as individual entrepreneurs to fund IT Creative. That tax would start at 1% in 2020 and gradually rise to 5% by 2024.

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