Equality and diversity in the tech community on the agenda (Wolves Summit, Warsaw, Oct. 23-24)

The tenth edition of the international Wolves Summit conference will take place on October 23 and 24 in Warsaw. Investors, corporations and startups from around the world will meet at the Palace of Culture and Science.

On the stage of the next Wolves Summit conference, among others: Ludwik Sobolewski, head of the Emerging Europe Marketplace; Michał Dunin, CEO of WebTalk Agency; Bo Ji, an experienced TEDx conference speaker. This edition is dedicated to such topics as AI development, innovations in the CEE market and equal access to the tech industry.

Wolves Summit putting the diversity and accessibility issues at the top of the agenda, the conference cooperates with BalansPL and Perspektywy Women, among other, to further support equality initiatives.

The tenth edition of the event is organized by new brand owners, a group of international investors, headed by Martin Ring, a leading business and financial services market leader. The investor group helped give the conference a broader international dimension thanks to its network of contacts in various countries.

“We use the potential of Wolves Summit in a variety of ways. The Wolves Match application will help investors verify thousands of projects currently in preparation, thus simplifying the investment search and validation phase. It will also significantly increase the number of investments and ensure that the business will be successful,” says Ring.

The tenth edition is co-organized by the Capital City of Warsaw, in partnership with the UK embassy in Warsaw.

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