Building an app in Eastern Europe is 7 times more cost-effective than in the US

The average cost to develop a mobile app in Eastern Europe is $23,000 versus $171,450 in the US, according to SmartBrain, a San Francisco-based marketplace for IT contractors.

The company analyzed data from more than 400 deals between Eastern European contractors and international startups and found out that developing a new app in Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine or another Eastern European country requires, on average, 7.4 times less investment than doing the same in North America. 

Different industry surveys in the US quote costs ranging from $100,000 to $500,000 for an enterprise mobile app. According to a Clutch survey, the median price to create an app is $171,450.

For example, technical documentation costs for a new mobile app in Eastern Europe are now around $2,000, according to, and require up to two weeks to complete. Developing an interface would take around three weeks and $3,000. The server side of an application costs start from $5,000, taking four weeks.  

According to Vasily Voropaev, CEO and founder at SmartBrain, hiring a professional CIO in Eastern Europe would cost minimum $100 per hour depending on their portfolio and experience.

The costs and time frames of developing an iOS or Android version are similar and start from $5,000, taking four weeks. Quality assurance testing in Eastern Europe would take only one week and $500. Content manager services cost around $500, taking one week. The prices for the project management services on average reach $2,000 for the duration of app development  

“These prices are applicable for senior developers,” commented Vasily Voropaev. “The level of their professionalism is very high and can pretty much guarantee flawless results although the cost breakdown doesn’t reflect other factors, such as different app features — push notifications, navigation, geolocation, and CIO salary.” 

Launched in 2015, SmartBrain connects corporations and startups from around the world with the top IT contractors in Eastern Europe. 

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