Russian game giant Playrix acquires Ukrainian game studio

Last week Playrix, a global Russian-founded gaming giant, announced the acquisition of Ukrainian game studio Zagrava Games. 

Founded in 2003 (known as ‘Friends’ Games’ at that time), this game development service company is located in Rivne (Rovno), Western Ukraine, and employs 60 people. Its creations include ‘Greedy Bunnies,’ ‘The Hunt for Red Panda’  and ‘Chasing Chaster.’  Among its clients are MadData, Nord Current, Playrix and Renatus, according to Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA.

Playrix intends to enlarge its Ukrainian team to 120 people in a new office in Rivne.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed, but AIN.UA estimated it at some $1 million.

Founded in Vologda, Russia, 15 years ago, Playrix is now a global leader in free-to-play mobile games. Headquartered in Dublin, the company has offices in Moscow, Dublin, Almaty, Yerevan, Kiev (Kyiv), Vologda and a dozen other Russian and Ukrainian cities.

Since April 2019, company founders Igor and Dmitry Bukhman have been featured in Bloomberg’s list of US dollar billionaires.

In August 2019 Playrix made an investment in Vizor, a major Belarusian publisher of multiplayer games for browser, social networks, and mobile platforms

Playrix did not answer UADN’s media inquiry.

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