Ukrainian AI technology synthesizes Nixon’s voice in artistic deepfake project

A Ukrainian company called Respeecher has been involved in a deepfake artistic project resurrecting Richard Nixon’s voice.

The project features an alternate moon landing speech in 1969 by the US president: it is based on a speech actually prepared at that time in case things would have gone horribly wrong in space – but never pronounced since the Apollo mission turned out to be a full success.

As reported by Vice, an immersive installation, ‘In Event of Moon Landing,’ was seen this past weekend at International Film Festival Amsterdam, featuring the fake speech.

Respeecher used its speech-to-speech synthetic voice production, inputting a speech by a voice actor into their AI model. As a result, the same speech featured the same performative components — pacing, inflection — but with Nixon’s voice.

Dutch investor Bas Godska — whose fund Acrobator Ventures has backed Respeecher — told us he was “fascinated by voice technologies.”

“This is a very interesting new vertical to come, even deepfake discussions take a more practical and less theoretical position in this industry. We are looking forward to a great prosperous and mutually successful cooperation with Respeecher’s funky team,” he said.

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