TechUkraine: A new hub for Ukraine’s tech ecosystem

The tech ecosystem in Ukraine continues to evolve as new players offer services to help local startups develop their ideas and reach global markets.  In May 2019, TechUkraine emerged as an offshoot of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Agriculture of Ukraine’s Export Strategy for the IT Sector 2019-2023. 

TechUkraine defines itself as “a new platform focused on supporting Ukraine’s fast-growing tech ecosystem.” It aims to “drive the cooperation of ecosystem leaders, government officials, business partners and donors to further support tech and to spread the word.”

It will also connect Ukrainian entrepreneurs with global cities, international investors, and other available programs to help the tech sector grow. 

Nataly Veremeeva, the Program Director of TechUkraine, points out that there are currently three major initiatives:

  • TechUkraine Portal – an online portal; 
  • Startup in Residence – a program for solving the problems of cities through innovative approaches;
  • TechUkraine International, including an internationalization readiness program called “Going Global”, National and International Networks. 

“Our portal will have all the necessary information about the tech sector, including reports published by different stakeholders. It is a detailed guide that we plan to develop further and promote to a worldwide audience,” says Nataly.  

“Our Startup in Residence program facilitates the interaction of startups with cities. It educates both cities and startups on how to raise innovations, to work with cities, and sell their projects or products and services to them.  The Going Global program will help startups to scale worldwide. The International Network will help startups to network with Ukrainian expats living abroad in our focus locations who are ready to help our startups operate in the markets where they are living.”

The idea for TechUkraine comes from the example of Startup Amsterdam, whose former director, Mr. Ruben Nieuwenhuis, is an advisor to the NGO.  TechUkraine does not currently receive funding from the Ukrainian Government and/or businesses, but the first stage of the project is financed by the German government through Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Program Director Nataly Veremeeva believes the greatest challenge for Ukrainian entrepreneurs is their mindset.  “Basically, I think that mindset really is the key to everything that we achieve.  And for this reason, changing the mindset and giving more information and developing skills will solve most of their problems.”

A TechUkraine blog offers new articles and regular updates featuring useful information for Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs.

  • You can listen to a recent podcast interview with Nataly Veremeeva here.
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