Ukrainian startups showcase their high-tech gadgets in Las Vegas

For the fourth consecutive year, Ukraine showcased some of its best innovations at CES, the largest tech show on the planet taking place in Las Vegas.

Side-by-side with Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and Facebook, six Ukrainian startups exhibited their high-tech gadgets:

  • EdPro.Amperia, a startup that offers Lego-like building blocks for students to conduct lab projects on electricity and magnetism;
  • Mosquito Control Ltd (SEMCS), an engineering company that creates mosquito traps using natural attractants, carbon dioxide and heat instead of toxic pesticides;
  • UATAG, a startup that promises to protect any property – from sneakers to parcels – from forgery and counterfeit by applying blockchain technology;
  • CamTouch, whose device that turns every surface – even a wall – into an interactive board;
  • Effa, which presents a first-of-its-kind toothbrush made entirely from nature-friendly paper and recyclable materials;
  • Bicovery, whose device monitors the physical and mental health of people living with bipolar disorder.
Ukrainian startups showcase their high-tech gadgets in Las VegasRead More
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