Ukrainian startup pre-sells next-gen modem to 2,474 Indiegogo backers

Ukrainian startup Nect Modem, which is developing a ubiquitous LTE connectivity solution, has raised $267,170 from 2,474 Indiegogo backers – nearly nine time as much as the initially $30,000 target.

The backers pre-paid a discounted $119 for the modem, which is scheduled for shipping in September 2020.

The startup promises “a reliable connection across 208 countries and territories,” presenting its modem as the “perfect” tool for professionals, travelers and techies.

The device is also intended for “anyone looking to keeping their browsing private,” with this modem providing “the highest level of security and VPN access.”

The Nect Modem device presented on the crowdfunding platform is still a prototype, i.e. “not the final product.” In such cases, the ability of startups to begin production “may be affected by product development or financial challenges,” warns Indiegogo.

Topics: Crowdfunding, Finance, Hardware & Electronics, International, Internet, Startups
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