The Current Wave: New breed of Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs seek success in global markets, Part 5

Highs and lows of Ukrainian startup ecosystem discussed by top local and international players

This Wednesday Adam Smith Conferences hosted a first-of-its-kind webinar focusing on the development of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem, in partnership with Ukraine Digital News.

Among the participants were leading voices in Ukrainian tech, including Victoria Tigipko, Managing Partner at TA Ventures and Kirill Bigai, CEO at, among others.

Charles Whitehead, who runs the EO Business Incubators network in Ukraine, Dominique Piotet, who heads the UNIT City tech hub in Kiev, and Emmanuel Lowe, a senior advisor to the EBRD’s Star Venture Programme, also shared their views, among many other speakers.

Over the course of two hours, the panel discussion explored the challenges and opportunities facing Ukraine’s start-up ecosystem. The speakers discussed successful models from other rising startup capitals in Europe, such as London, Paris, and Berlin.

They examined how local stakeholders can create better incubator and accelerator resources and create a culture of angel investment in Ukraine, and discussed how Ukrainian startups can work to attract backing from leading VC firms across Europe.

Topics: Events & contests, International
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