Ukrainian and US investors put €900,000 in digital rehabilitation platform

Last week Raccoon, a startup with Ukrainian roots but headquartered in Berlin, announced the completion of a two-phase seed funding round totalling €900,000. 

The startup received €275,000 in the first phase from business angels and the Silicon Valley Syndicate Club; then €625,000 from Kyiv-based investment group Quarter Partners. [Update: In late 2020, Raccoon became a portfolio company of QPDigital, the dedicated startup investment vehicle launched by Quarter Partners.]

Raccoon has developed a “digital rehabilitation platform” that helps people recover after injuries and neurological diseases. The entire rehabilitation process goes remotely, including patient examination, treatment plan definition, prescribed rehab exercises and progress monitoring. Video games are also used as part of the recovery process. 

The solution can also be used when combining visits of a rehab facility with monitored exercises at home.

This is the end of “endless manual examination tests, boring repetitive exercises, and uncontrolled rehabilitation when the patient is at home,” claims Raccoon.

Using a cloud-based software, the therapist connects to a patient via an in-built video call tool. The patient wears specially developed sensors, or a smartphone, while doing the prescribed exercises (by repeating video lessons or playing video games). 

The startup plans to use the new funds to increase sales in Germany and Poland, its current markets, and further expansion throughout Europe and Asia. Raccoon will also develop new product functionalities and conduct additional clinical trials correspondingly.

This past summer, Raccoon took part in the first batch of the new 500 Startups acceleration program in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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