Microsoft considers investing $500 million in Ukrainian cloud market

On October 2, the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation and Microsoft Corporation announced the signature of a memorandum of understanding on the potential implementation of the Azure Expansion Program in Ukraine. Such a program would pave the way to the creation of “hyperscale cloud” services as a contribution to the country’s digital transformation. 

Microsoft’s solutions could enable the adoption of state-of-the-art cloud technologies in a variety of state-owned entities, regulated commercial regulated enterprises, and government bodies.

“Digital transformation programs could impact different industries and influence energy transition, digital agriculture transformation, and sustainability,” Microsoft stated. 

The Ukrainian tech blog AIN provided more specifics about the agreement. The US firm could invest as much as $500 million to develop its cloud offer in Ukraine. A part of the money could be used to build two data centers.

The government considers hosting its Diia e-government portal on Microsoft clouds. 

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