Techiia plans to build $1 billion “ecotechnopark” in Southern Ukraine

The Ukrainian tech holding Techiia has announced plans to build a large “ecotechnopark” in Nova Kakhovka, a city of 46,000 inhabitants located in the Kherson region, southern Ukraine. 

At the core of the tech park, which will cover 90 hectares of land, will be a robust data center with a capacity of 500 megawatts. This data center will “maintain an equipment worth about $1 billion [with] at least 200 jobs [created],” says Techhia. 

The heat generated by the data center will also power a farm that will grow fruits and vegetables for local citizens. 

To implement the first phase of the project, the company plans to attract at least $200 million in infrastructure investments. Techiia signed an agreement with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, which will “support the project and facilitate its implementation.” No specific details about this agreement were disclosed.

“A Ukrainian high-tech park with a powerful data center is a new niche for large-scale investments in the Ukrainian IT industry. We have everything for that. A convenient location between Europe and Asia for big foreign customers, cheap electricity, fast and high-quality internet. And the most important thing is talent. We are grateful to the Ministry of Digital Transformation for its support and desire to strengthen the technology reputation of our country,” said Techiia Managing Partner Yura Lazebnikov.

The creation of such a large high-tech park is an important step to reach the stated goal of  bringing to 10% the share of tech in Ukraine’s gross domestic product — compared to just 4% today — said Ukraine’s Digital Transformation minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

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