Backed by a local marketing agency, this $55 startup delivers vegetables across the Ukrainian capital

Ukrainian marketing agency Fedoriv Group has invested in fruit and vegetable delivery service OVO. Neither the amount nor the terms of the investment, which was reported by the local media in late October, were disclosed.

OVO expects Fedoriv Group to help them develop a new brand style and launch a large-scale advertising campaign. 

Fedoriv Group already mad an investment in the startup in July 2020, when OVO operated under its initial name ‘Kyiv Vegetables.’ The funds were intended for company rebranding, IT infrastructure development, and a large-scale advertising campaign.

OVO allows consumers to order and receive fruits and vegetables in Kyiv and a 25-kilometer area outside the capital. The service was launched by Roman Melkumov and Stepan Zinyakov in April 2020 as Ukraine was under lockdown. The entrepreneurs spent just $55 to create their MVP, according to AIN.UA.

Topics: Delivery, E-commerce, E-marketing, Finance, Kyiv, Regions, Startups, Venture/Private equity
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