eSports engagement platform Organization.GG raises $610,000 from US and Ukrainian investors

Organization.GG, a Ukrainian marketplace that helps streamers interact with their fans through live gaming experiences, has raised $610,000 in pre-seed funding. The news was reported earlier this month by AIN.UA, based on an exchange with the company’s press service.

The investor pool comprises WePlay Esports (an esports media holding company with offices in the USA, China and Ukraine), Ukrainian VC firm QPDigital, and Silicon Valley investors.

The company intends to use the funding to continue expanding operations and its business reach. New features will also be added to the platform. 

Founded by Ukrainians Denis Kurilenko (CTO) and Dima Okhrimchuk (CEO) in March 2020, Organization.GG presents itself as an online platform for esports players and streamers. Fans can play side-by-side with their favorite esports PROs and popular streamers. 

Through the platform, streamers, PRO gamers, coaches, and many other talents will access tools to move their community forward, share experiences, make a living, and create content.

Organization.GG claims to have hosted more than 100 successful show matches, with participation from 50+ streamers and esports PROs, in the first few months of operations.

Some 2,000 viewers took part in the show matches, of whom 35% did so more than once.

While Organization.GG is officially registered in Delaware, USA, most of its employees are located in Ukrainian offices.

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