Ukrainian Startup Fund highlights 11 promising startups

Earlier this month, the state-backed Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF) announced the winners of the 21th and 22th editions of its Pitch Day. The jury selected 11 startups among 22 applicants. Winners received $25,000 and $50,000 grants totaling $350,000. 

Eight startups at the pre-seed stage received $25,000 grants:

  • VR Inn., a full-body, free-roam VR content marketplace for location based entertainment;
  • V-Art, which delivers high-quality lighting projects, architectural 3D visualization, and CAD plans using cutting-edge technologies;
  • HoldYou, an online psychological help service;
  • Symptomatical, a platform that helps organizations monitor team’s health;
  • Checki, a smart electronic check service;
  • Biobetter, a virtual biohacking assistant;
  • My1stJob, a platform designed for youth employment;
  • Mobiform, a platform that connects buyers, sellers and manufacturers of furniture.

Three other startups at the seed stage received $50,000 grants:

A few days later, the USF announced the results of the 23rd edition of the Pitch day. The winners were:

  • Effa, a startup that makes 100% renewable and recyclable toothbrush made of paper;
  • Caretech.human, an innovative IoT solution for continuous automatic health screening and early-stages disease detection from home;
  • Smart Reader, whose gamified online platform teaches children to read fast;
  • Fiway, a startup that creates Wi-Fi routers for vehicles.

Launched in 2019 and funded by the government, the Ukrainian Startup Fund aims to provide smart money to Ukrainian startups in the form of grants. 

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