At 1.8% of net salary, Ukraine ranks 16th in Europe for broadband Internet expense, an online resource on apps, phone and the web, has calculated the cost of broadband Internet relative to users’ income across 37 European countries. Price data came from and salary data from Numbeo

Ukraine ranks 16th as the average broadband expense in this country (€64.66 per year) accounts for 1.8% of Ukrainians’ net salary (€3.580 per year). 

Albania features the highest cost in Europe, with 7.1% of the average local net annual income (€4,100) taken up to settle broadband bills (€292.37). In second place is North Macedonia, where 6.8% of citizens’ yearly net salary (€4,363) goes to such expenses (€300.58). Montenegro (4.4%), Greece (4.3%), Portugal (3.3%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3.2%) and Serbia (3.1%) are among the other countries where citizens are using more than 3% of their net income to pay for broadband access. 

On the other end, Switzerland is where brandband Internet is the cheapest in relative terms, as Swiss citizens use a mere 1.1% of their average yearly net salary (€61,659) to enjoy the benefits of broadband for an average yearly spend of €699.59 for the year.

In absolute terms, nowhere is broadband connection as expensive as in Norway (€798.12 per year, or €66.51 per month); and nowhere is it cheaper than in Ukraine (€64.66 for 12 months).

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