French BlaBlaCar acquires Octobus to digitize local bus operators

French carpooling company BlaBlaCar has acquired Ukrainian tech firm Octobus that develops software for bus operators to manage their finances and ticket sales. The companies have not disclosed the price of the acquisition.

With Octobus, bus carriers could sell tickets online, analyze their sales and create mobile apps for drivers to keep track of passenger traffic. BlaBlaCar said that it acquired Octobus to make most of Ukraine’s obsolete bus services more digital.

Although BlaBlaCar is mostly known as a car-sharing service, it also allows to buy tickets for bus operators in Ukraine and abroad after it purchased and merged with French booking website Ouibus and Busfor, the largest aggregator of bus routes in post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine.

French BlaBlaCar acquires Octobus to digitize local bus operatorsRead More
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